Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 down, 27 to go

The last couple of days have been a bit rough. Not because of the diet, but the lack of coffee and pop is killing me. Just like Jennifer, I'm tired all the time, and starting to get the caffeine withdrawal headache. Which, no doubt, makes me an utter joy to be around.

Thank the FSM that I can work from home two days a week. I can be as bitchy as I want to be today without affecting anyone else. Except my cats, of course, but they're very forgiving.

I do feel a sense of accomplishment for having biked to and from work on monday and wednesday. going from riding around the seawall once every couple of weeks to biking 40 kilometers in the last three days is quite an improvement. Well, to be fair, I probably biked 39 kilometers and walked 1 kilometer with my bike. That Lion's Gate Bridge is brutal. The rest of the commute is no problem, but that bridge kills me.

It does feel good to come down the other side of the bridge, though. Especially coming home, since it's coming through Stanley Park, and I can coast along, smelling the trees. And the view from the top of the bridge is fantastic.

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