Friday, July 16, 2010

What is this blog?

What would happen if you were (near) perfect for 30 days? In this, I am speaking about diet, exercise, sleep and hydration. I have (dare I say it?) my high school reunion on Aug 28, 2010. As I think on this I am reminded of a well known quote from "Gross Point Blank" about reunions...that basically no one changed except "everyone had swelled". While only so much can be accomplished in 30 days, I am choosing to ask the question "how much?" One month is not a long period of time but I believe this to be a win/win undertaking!

Here are the parameters:

Time Line: July 26-August 25 (30 days)

Refined Sugar
Simple Carbs
Fast Food
Frozen Box Food
High Fat Foods

Food Pyramid
8 Glass of Water Daily
8 Hours of Sleep in a Regular Sleep Cycle
Exercise 1 hour (Every Second Day)

My commitment

I will follow this to the letter (except when I don't) haha. I am going to do my
best, I say that not as an excuse but as a reality. That is why it is called near
perfection. I suspect thing like getting all my fruits and veggies everyday is
going to be tough, as well as always preparing a nutritious meal. I will blog
about my struggles and I will always be honest. I will not violate any of
NO's, that is a promise.

Now the horrible part. In true Jennifer fashion I will be sharing way too much.
I will be taking all my measurements, weight and body fat data. I will post my
before and after. I will also be talking about my relative fitness, energy levels,
mood, ease of sleep, etc. I am curious not only to see what a month can really
do, but also I have been told that it only takes that amount of time to create a
habit. So perhaps I can create the habit of healthy living...who knows?

I invite any of my friends to join me, if they are so inclined. If not, I ask that you
follow my progress, encourage me in my commitment and please feel free to
post helpful links and tips on any of the subjects I have brought up here. I intend
to immerse myself in healthy living for 30 days and the more support I have, the
more successful I will be. I thank you for your support.

Measurements and photos will be posted on July 25th (before) and August 26th
(after). I will not be taking any in between so I can be surprised at the end.


  1. While I am at the tail-end of my pregnancy and unlikely to be able to commit to some of the things you've listed (8 hours of sleep a night is not happening for me these days and an hour of exercise every other day is too much for my weakened abdominal muscles right now), I will happily jump on your bandwagon of taking better care of myself and see how it positively affects my health/mood. I'll blog about it on my Livejournal - which is friends only, so unless you have an account there and are on my friends list, you won't be able to read it :( But I will post before and after shots (not that I'll look any leaner/smaller with a baby in my tummy) and measurements (again skewed because of pregnancy).

    One friend of ours recommends using a site like to keep track of your eating and activity. Rick and I are planning to use that.

    Good luck with your journey! And even though it looks like I won't be able to attend the reunion, I'll still be cheering for you :)

  2. Good on you, Jen :) I also think that this site may help you out, even keep you motivated.
    I like it, anyway.