Monday, July 26, 2010

Start Day Stats- Jennifer

Every journey must have a starting point. There is no point being worried about where you are starting from right? So I shouldn't care about posting all my stats, right? And horrible, unflattering and way to realistic photos of myself, right? Well I do, so sue me! Oh well, it will only make the result more dramatic that the starting point seems so dire. OK, enough stalling, here they are.

Bust - 45

Waist - 41

Hips - 50

Belly - 47

Arm - 15

Thigh - 28

Body Weight - 255 lb

Body Fat - 37.7 %

Oh God, it's out there! Haha. OK really, everyone who would ever read this knows who I am and what I look like so Fuck it! There it is! Love every inch of it and bid it a found farewell. :)

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