Saturday, July 31, 2010

Confession time

I cheated today. After four days of headaches in increasing severity, that Tylenol and ibuprofin could only make a dent in, I caved in and had a coffee. A double espresso, actually, and my headache disappeared in less than an hour.

I've quit coffee cold turkey before, but the withdrawal has never been this bad, or lasted this long. Coffee is a cruel mistress, and I am quite clearly her bitch.

But it was a momentary lapse, and I will be back to the cold turkey approach from now on.

1 comment:

  1. I cheated by accident. I was out as a pub with my friend Diana, I was drinking water, water, water. Then I started to feel bad for the waitress, so I thought, "I can't have booze or sugar, what can I order?" So, I ordered a diet coke and lime! I was 3/4 through it when I realized "Shit! no pop!" but it was too late. Now tap pop with ice is pretty tame and I had literally 6 glasses of water with it but it's still a cheat. So I'm in the penalty box with ya babe.